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Fran Desimoni

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Hi! I’m Fran Desimoni

Fran Desimoni

Hi, I’m Fran. I help brave people to transform themselves and get a job they love.

I like singing in the shower.

I have 8+ years of experience working in Human Resources, specializing in Recruiting and Coaching.

I collaborate with leading American companies on their work transition processes and personal branding.

I love musical comedy.

I believe in a world where everyone loves their profession, and their main goal is to give value to Humanity.



I had recently finished my PhD and I knew that I didn’t want to continue on the same path. At the same time, I didn´t know what I wanted for my career. I felt bad, disoriented, I didn’t know where or how to find a solution, who to ask. Now I feel better. What I want for myself and my professional future has become clearer. I have also changed my point of view in many things and how I face daily situations. Soon after this, I got a job. Personally, the workshop helped me clarify professional and personal issues, and fears that I had when doing a job search. After it, I knew what I needed to change to be successful in many aspects of my life. I recommend Fran’s services because I know he will help you throughout the whole search process, and he will provide the necessary tools to achieve your professional and personal goals. He will be there every step on the way, listening and understanding.
Juli Quintero

Last year, I decided to hire Fran’s services because I needed a change. I had been in the same position for a long time, and I had little to no possibilities of growing.

Besides, when I finally decided to change, I realized everything that I had been doing wrong, because, although I had gotten some answers, they were not entirely favorable.

I was professionally stuck, and I knew I had two options; either staying where I was and trying to grow in the company —which was very unlikely— or finding an alternative.

I was very frustrated. I always thought I could by myself, but it got to a point where I was overwhelmed by the situation and needed to seek professional help.

Now, I can say that I feel more confident and that I know how much my work is worth.

I got a job one week before my last session with Fran. As he had told me in our meetings, I had gotten my job thanks to my network.

It happened very fast, and it was exactly what I wanted, to leave the SMEs world and to start in a multinational company.

I recommend the workshop because it is not only useful for changing jobs or finding a new one, but it provides tools to apply in every work environment, no matter if you want to change jobs or continue with the one you have.

Juli Leonino

I was blocked and I didn’t know how to face a new job search. I had taken the decision, but I didn’t know how to do it. I wanted to start a change and I felt bad for not knowing how to face it. Today, I am relieved. Although it wasn’t an easy process —because of all the emotional baggage, self-boycotting, and fears— Fran helped me find a path and organize my search. I finally understood there were change possibilities, and that it was all a matter of generating a habit. I found our meetings to be very helpful, because we had them on Monday, so I started the week in a different way. I recommend his services because they gave me the tools to understand that I can generate change and that I have something to give to the world. In the past, I felt I had nothing to offer and that I was not going to find a new place. I am happy with everything! It was an end-to-end process, where nothing was missing. It was very complete, because Fran has the materials, the tools, and the expertise. His materials are very good and didactic. It exceeded all my expectations. Thank you, Fran!

Irene Carniel