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Hi! I’m Fran Desimoni

Fran Desimoni

Hi, I’m Fran. I help brave people to transform themselves and get a job they love. ❤️.

I like singing in the shower. 🎼 .

I have 8+ years of experience working in Human Resources, specializing in Recruiting and Coaching.

I collaborate with leading American companies on their work transition processes and personal branding.

I love musical comedy.

I believe in a world where everyone loves their profession, and their main goal is to give value to Humanity. 🙌 .

Client Stories

Francisco’s coaching meant a complete shift in my self-confidence. I was able to identify my skills and boost my talent to create a personal brand that helped me in my job search. His empathy and his work on my fears were essential to create changes that made me achieve positive results. He is a real professional with lots of experience and knowledge.
Nicolás Larrosa
Graduate in Business Administration| Data Analyst
I was lost in my job search. I wanted to do what I liked and what I had studied for, but I had no idea of how to effectively do so. One day I came across Fran’s Instagram feed and registered in his workshop. Fran helped me clear my mind and be honest with myself and about my objective, and he provided many tools and strategies to achieve it. Now I’m in the right path and focused on achieving my goal!
María Victoria Nahúm
Audiovisual Producer | Screenwriter
I met Fran through a professor. I had the possibility of having one-to-one sessions with him, an experience I recommend to those who are brave, want to change their current situation and are willing to give 100% of themselves. Not only did Fran help me clearly define the type of company I wanted to work in and my career goals, but he also taught me how to identify and fight the barriers that prevent me from achieving my goals.
Pilar O’Gorman
Community Manager | Writer | Photographer
Francisco supported me throughout a period of many significant changes in my career. He helped me change my mindset and go from asking myself ‘Is this the right thing for me?’ to ‘How do I achieve this?’. I didn’t know that coaching could have such a big impact in the way we think. He is, without question, an expert in the subject. He made me feel supported all throughout the process.
Marcos Andrés Yorston
Project Oriented Technical Lead

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